Frequently Asked Questions

How long do the eyelashes last?

They gradually fall off over a month and a half as they depend on the natural eyelash cycle.

Their durability depends on proper care and the nature of the eyelashes during that period. You will most likely need a refill in the second or third week to maintain the same density.

At Relash, refills can only be done in the fourth week. Refills can continue for a year or more without the need for a new installation session.

Will I feel heaviness in the eye?

Not at all; you won't feel anything.

If you do feel something, please contact the salon management at 0591224321

What is the duration of the appointment?

New installation: Two to three hours depending on the density. Refill: One and a quarter to two hours. Quick refill: 20-50 minutes.

Why is the appointment duration long?

Despite the professionalism and experience of the staff, each process is a different experience.

We work according to the nature of her eyelashes and spend enough time reviewing the accuracy and quality of the installation to avoid any minor error that could cause discomfort or pose a risk to the health of the natural eyelashes or the eye.

Does it damage the natural eyelashes?

If installed in enough time by a specialized expert, it will not harm the natural eyelashes at all.

Are they affected by water?

Not at all. In fact, they should be washed with water and soap appropriately at least 4 times a week.

Are there any specific instructions before installation?

  1. Clean the eye of any makeup, especially mascara. If it is not possible to clean the eye before arrival, Rilash provides everything needed to remove makeup and mascara.
  2. Arrive early for the appointment for the best result.
  3. Inform the specialist in case of any itching or suspicion of inflammation, oil cyst, sensitivity, etc.
  4. Use the bathroom and limit fluid intake, especially coffee, as it may cause eyelid instability.

Are there any specific instructions after installation?

  1. Do not touch the eyelashes.
  2. Avoid heavy water for the first 6 hours.
  3. Avoid steam for the first two days.
  4. Avoid products containing oils, especially makeup fixatives.
  5. Wash the eyelashes at least 4 times a week with special soap.
  6. Contact the salon management if you have any comments.
  7. Book an appointment for a refill.

Are there any specific instructions during installation?

Avoid movement and talking and do not open the eyes at all. Inform the specialist if you feel anything uncomfortable.

How will I look after installation?

We will help you visualize the result using special programs (soon).

How do I choose the right density, design, and length?

We will assist you before booking an appointment and upon arrival. Contact us at 0503920888.

When is eyelash installation prohibited?

In case of allergy to glue. Suffering from certain autoimmune and dermatological diseases. Having recently undergone surgery around the eye area.

Can I install them after eyelash curling?

No, you must wait at least a month and a half.

Why can't eyelashes installed in another salon be maintained?

Due to the difference in used materials and the lack of guarantee of accuracy and cleanliness of work in another salon.

What is the best time for a refill?

During the third week, but at Rilash, we do refills even in the second week at a discounted price, and refills can also be done in the fourth week.