Relash was established in 2023 by the professional expert Reem Al-Othman, who started working in the field of eyelash extensions since 2017, and is one of the pioneers in this field in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, where she began her career and obtained numerous international certificates from different countries.

The Relash team includes a group of specialists whose experience in the field ranges from one to three years. The team is distinguished by their love for work, precision, professionalism, and also their attention to satisfying the client and understanding what suits her taste and aspirations.

The team is committed to safe installation methods and follows specific steps to ensure this, using high-quality tools. Each specialist also has their own creative touches and perspective in arranging the eyelashes. It is a team that works with the spirit of art! Relash aspires to be a leader in the field of permanent eyelash extensions in terms of offering the best, the latest, and the safest.

We aspire to maintain natural eyelashes while adding a touch of beauty that suits all tastes in a special and comfortable atmosphere, and a sophisticated client experience that matches the elegance of Relash clients.

Get ready for amazing eyelashes all year round, get rid of mascara and daily eyelashes and makeup you won't need after booking your appointment with Relash, and live the experience that made us a distinguished destination in the Eastern Region.